Springfield Rail Company

The Springfield Rail Company pays homage to the city of Springfield, and its historical place as a rail hub through the midwest region and the great state of Illinois. Serving as the state's capital, the town has a rich history steeped in government and an array of famous constituents. Most well known as the home of our 5th president, Abraham Lincoln; the city has several unique historical icons. Historic Springfield Union Station serves as a reminder of Springfield's railroad history, whilst renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright would design, the Dana Thomas House. Creating the art in the style of a vintage advertisement, Steve worked in CorelDraw and carefully and meticulously drew each detail (the piece has over 1,200 separate components). The result was a piece of art that truly reflects Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie-style design.

The Great Western Railroad Depot which opened in 1852 is a former train station and now part of the complex of buildings that together form the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and is located at 500 East Madison Street (5th & Madison) in downtown Springfield, adjacent to the Lincoln Presidential Library. The central illinois corridor by the first years of the twentieth century owned 5,000 miles of track in 13 states, as well as 800 locomotives, 700 passenger cars, and 33,000 freight cars

Today, the region prepares for the introduction of high-speed rail, as the Amtrak Chicago to St. Louis route includes rail, train and station upgrades at locations throughout the state, including Springfield. From exemplary architecture to important landmarks, the Springfield Rail Company provides a metaphoric and visual salute with a unique artistic interpretation of the city. We invite you to discover more...